About Time and Attendance

TimeLink is Global

With over 25 years of experience, TimeLink® is a recognized leader in providing enterprise workforce management (EWM) and data collection solutions to organizations across a broad range of industries. We support over 300 customers in 33 countries.

Language Versitility

For a global organization one of the most important factors in selecting an enterprise workforce management solution provider is their ability to configure the software in multiple languages. Many global organizations have their workforce in locations all over the world. As business continues to become more global, each location may require a software that can be accessed in local languages. TimeLink's ability to configure our software in multiple languages allows global organizations to deploy the software in any language across the world.

Federal, Local and Provincial Labor Laws

Selecting an enterprise workforce management provider with a thorough understanding federal, local and provincial labor laws is one of the most important elements in the evaluation period. Paying your employees the correct wages based on federal and state mandates mitigates compliance risk. As wage and hour labor laws become more complex enterprise workforce management software becomes increasingly more important to help reduce a corporations liability. TimeLink's deidcated development team works diligently to configure specifc wage and hour rule packs to ensure even the most complex location specific pay rules are properly accounted for.