Employee Scheduling

TimeLink Change Management Services

When you tell someone that they will no longer be doing the same thing that they are used to doing for the last six months, or ten years, it’s human nature to fear the unknown. Implementing new software at the enterprise level requires employees in the organization to perform new tasks and learn new software which directly affects their familiar business practices.

At TimeLink, we understand how significant this change can be. Core to a successful implementation is a well-defined plan of action. We can help you develop the necessary tools to engage those involved and effectively communicate how employee’s new roles are defined. TimeLink remains a premier provider of workforce management and data collection solutions, because we realize the potential of your workforce and are dedicated to making existing business processes more streamlined.

TimeLink's services team is committed to understand each and every one of our client's environments. We run through several assessments to determine how best to approach change management. Here are some of the sample questions that a company should ask themselves in order to determine how they will be affected by change management:

  • Do you know the risks involved with a new product implementation? We can help you evaluate risk factors that could affect the success of your TimeLink implementation.
  • How will all of this information be relayed to the parties involved? We will work with you to develop an effective communication plan to include all areas of the organization. We will determine who will need to understand the changes that are happening- from stakeholders to end users.
  • Are employee’s worried that biometric devices are an invasion of their privacy? We have the answers to distribute before the concern is escalated.
  • Are all of your business processes about to change due to a switch from a paper-based (manual) system to an electronic (automated) timekeeping system? We have the expertise to help you develop these new processes and narratives.

We know how complex and time consuming it can be to manage a workforce, but gone are the days of punch cards and manual data entry. Let us help! Contact us today at EducationServices@timelink.com.