Time and Attendance Systems

TimeLink Analytics™

TimeLink Analytics™ has been developed to provide you with the tools to make real-time decisions about your workforce- by aggregating mission critical information in one place managers can quickly determine how to solve key business decisions.

Armed with detailed information on your workforce, managers can understand and act on key performance areas such as planned vs. actual hours, overtime, and reported time by job or labor account.

The TimeLink manager dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of workforce data and key performance indicators on one screen. By consolidating reports, managers can assess staffing needs, review labor allocation and analyze historical trends from a single screen. TimeLink Analytics also provides users without a robust set of reporting options including over 200 standard reports and ad-hoc reporting.


Key Features

  • Actionable dashboards with modern user-interface
  • Custom portal information with a configurable layout- complete with key performance indicators
  • Over 200 standard reports that can be generated via a standard web browser
  • Ad Hoc reporting through an easy-to-use wizard
  • Schedule reports for timely and reoccurring information

Key Benefits

  • Ability to make decisions in real-time
  • One-stop shopping for a complete and an in-depth look into workforce status and performance
  • Quick report generation so you can easily provide critical information across different functional areas
  • Transparency and insight into key business drivers