Time and Attendance Systems

TimeLink Absence Management™

TimeLink Absence Management incorporates a comprehensive set of absence management features – that can help you control absenteeism and reduce the burden of regulatory leave case compliance.

It has been said that, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  And while this may be true – we believe that to be truly successful, organizations also need to be able to manage when their workforce does not ‘show up’.  Absence Management is a complex business process that has become even more challenging due to the introduction of leave management legislation – such as the US Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  In addition, to federal legislation, many states have also started to enact their own leave regulations - that also need to be accounted for.  When combined with the requirement to manage basic employee benefit time (accruals) - this can create a costly and highly error prone process that can expose your business to expensive compliance risk.

TimeLink Absence Management has been developed to provide you with the tools to help take back control of your absence management process, reduce the risk of non-compliance and ensure the fair application of your benefit time rules.
TimeLink Absence Management is an essential part of our fully integrated workforce management suite. 


Key Features

  • Powerful accruals rules engine to track benefit time grants and takes
  • Facilitates the automation of the leave request process through workflow
  • Comprehensive support for FMLA that includes case assistant, alerts/notifications, automated case document creation and much more
  • Review projected accruals, balances, thresholds, trending calendars and team calendars

Key Benefits

  • Reduce employee turnover due to fair and equitable absence grants
  • Lower absenteeism by providing visibility into allotted time off
  • Enhance communication through automated email alerts
  • Reduce administrative time allocated to managing manual leave requests